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Now that I am a proud mother of two toddlers, leaving the house has gotten just a little easier. My 16 month old, Iris, is walking and feeding herself. She likes to look and touch and sometimes carry her own mini backpack. Violet, almost 4, is fully potty trained and would rather be caught dead than do anything remotely resembling “baby stuff.” This means, I can leave the house without a bulky double stroller and my diaper bag is significantly lighter! In fact, on short trips and errand runs,  I don’t even bother bringing one. A diaper, wipes and snack is more than enough.

However, since we are a curious crew of wanderers and adventure seekers, I still have to carry a day pack when we leave the house for long periods of times. 

When we’ve got some errands to run around the city, I opt for wearing Iris and letting Violet walk. I’ve found that a compact backpack carrier like the Phil & Teds Parade does the trick. It has plenty of storage and is comfortable for a few hours of consistent wear. Most important is has plenty of storage so it doubles as a toddler diaper bag. Here is what we pack for a day out and about. 

  1. Wet dry bag w/ change of clothes (don’t forget undies)
  2. sippy cup
  3. changing pad
  4. diapers/wipes/ small plastic bags
  5. first aid kit
  6. snacks
  7. light weight blanket
  8. toy/book

Packing a diaper bag for two means anticipating two sets of needs and worst case scenarios and is a skill, I am proud to say I have mastered! What do you pack in your toddler day bag? What are some of the things you cannot leave the house without? 

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