Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links products that can be used for family travel. That means I earn a commission if you use any of these links to purchase these items. I will only ever recommend products, brands, and sites that I’ve used and trust.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. That means I earn a commission if you use any of these links to purchase these items. I will only ever recommend products, brands and sites that I’ve used and trust.

When it comes to dressing for snow play, layering is easily the most effective ways to stay comfortable during cold and wet weather conditions. If you’re a family of sun worshipers like us, then you probably need a refresher course on what to pack for cold weather activities like snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing. In this Toddler’s Packing Guide, we’ll peel back the layers (get it? “peel back,” “layers”)  you’ll need to make sure your family stays nice and toasty during a full day of snow play. 

First: Base Layer

Non-cotton thermal underwear

Because this is the  layer of clothing you and your little ones will wear closet to their skin, non-cotton fabric will helps to draw moisture away from the body. Definitely avoid cotton for this first layer since it doesn’t dry well and will only absorb the moisture,  leaving everyone wet underneath those outer protective layers.

Wool socks

Unlike cotton, wool absorbs a lot, and  can actually hold a third of its weight in moisture before the “wet” feeling kicks in. Wool also keeps its insulating properties even though its wet, which is perfect for those times where snow finds its way in your boots.

Middle: Insulation layer

Fleece jackets, hoodies and heavy wool sweaters all make good insulating layers to keep you warm.  I personally like to wear a micro-fleece pullover over a t-shirt and my base layer, because I hate feeling constrained when I have a snowball fight to dominate, but choose whatever keeps you and your tots the warmest. 

Outer: Protection Layer

The outer layer (also called “shell”) will provide protection from wind, rain and snow. It’s an important piece in snowy weather, because if wind and water are allowed to leak to inner layers, our little ones can get pretty cold.

Don’t forget these:

  • Sunglasses or snow goggles
  • Skin protectants (i.e. Aquaphor, Vaseline, sunscreen and
  • First aid kit 
  • Snow toys (i.e. shovel, sled, carrot for snowman)

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Did we forget anything? What are some items you make sure to pack for your family’s snow day? Let us know. We’d love some new ideas!

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