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Somethings go without saying, regardless of where your family decides to vacation at. However, sometimes we have the tendency to overlook even the simplest of things, which is why we’ve decided to make this guide that allowed this trip to Truckee to be extra spectacular this year.

A little girl, happily playing outdoors while snow is being thrown at her, with a text overlay that reads "5 Things you should never do in Truckee during the snow season."
A little girl, happily playing outdoors while snow is being thrown at her

1. Don’t stay inside !

The obvious for any vacation is to Get up and go outdoors! As the fifth snowiest city in the U.S., Truckee is nothing short of a winter wonderland during the snow season. Everything from sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, to the classics like ice skating and downhill sledding, Truckee has something for everyone.

Little girl sitting on green and blue sled, while snow is being thrown on her.
Toddler sitting on sled and playing in snow at Tahoe Donner snow play area

If your family is seeking an adventurous, yet easy going and less active adventure, Historic Downtown Truckee offers a lively food and bar scene, along with a variety of boutiques for shopping.

For those days when you just can’t manage to stuff yourself or your little ones into those snow pants and parkas, there are a few pretty cool indoor activities for the family to enjoy.

The KidZone Museum offers art projects, climbing adventures, and rotating exhibits. The Truckee Railroad Museum is home to many railroad artifacts, dioramas, pictures, and text displays to show the impact of various types of railroads on Truckee.

Bonus: There’s even an old jail transformed into a museum that tourists can tour for a short, but interesting history lesson.

2. Don’t stick around town, Literally.

Car sideview mirror with snowy tree lined mountain in reflection
Side view mirror with snowy tree lined mountains in front and in the reflection

Truckee is central to many ski resorts and adventure centers in the area. During the snow season, Truckee is just a short drive away from some of Tahoe’s best ski resorts, including Sugar Bowl Resort, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Boreal Mountain Resort, and Homewood Mountain Resort.

These local ski resorts and hotels often have family-friendly seasonal events and things to do during this busy season to keep you occupied even if you have no desire to pull out a pair of ski boots. They may be a good drive (30 minutes or more) from where you anticipate on staying, but I promise that it is worth the drive.

Besides, These long drives make perfect moments to indulge in storytelling and even some car karaoke. After all, the kiddos grow faster than ever in this aging technological world.

3. Don’t leave your appetite at home

Foodies will be happy to know that Truckee has become a food haven thanks to the very diverse and wide variety of culinary options. In fact, One of my favorite things to do in Truckee is to eat!

Whether your family is looking for fine dining or merely casual eats, Truckee has something for every taste bud, and this lively food scene won’t disappoint.

4. Don’t forget to pack your layers, ever.

Toddler wearing pink unicorn hooded sweatshirt standing in snow.
Toddler standing in snow looking around

Truckee gets pretty chilly in the winter, literally downright freezing. But who’s going to let cold weather come in between them and an epic snow adventure?

With an average high in the 40’s and lows in the teens, it’s important to dress appropriately and make sure you pack enough layers to stay warm throughout the day. See our snow day packing guide for a detailed list of what you should pack for your trip.

5. Don’t skimp on the Hot Chocolate!

Mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows and chocolate powder
Hot cocoa and marshmallows

Extra Marshmallows, please. Well, if you love them as much as we do anyway. I can’t imagine a cup of Hot chocolate that skimps on the marshmallows!

One of the best places to get hot cocoa in Truckee is at The Squeeze In. This popular family-friendly restaurant has been serving little ones and their parents since 1974 and the best part of their hot cocoa is the mountain of whipped cream and sprinkles. Paired with their signature Teddy Bear Pancake, we’re positive it’s made with extra love and chocolate and will definitely leave a lasting impression with your taste-buds.

Do you have any advice for a perfect snow day adventure? We’d love to hear it!

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