Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links products that can be used for family travel. That means I earn a commission if you use any of these links to purchase these items. I will only ever recommend products, brands, and sites that I’ve used and trust.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links to skincare and beauty products. That means I earn a commission if you use any of these links to purchase these items. I will only ever recommend products, brands, and sites that I’ve used and trust.

I learned a long time ago to pack as lightly as I can when traveling with my family, but I still make an effort to maintain my regular skincare regime. Packing the right beauty products, as a traveling mom, can get a little tricky. Even though travel-sized toiletry items are small, too many can lead to bulky makeup and toiletry bags. The number of cosmetics I pack depends on the length of my trip, the weather, and the activities I have planned, so I try to stick to as many multitaskers as possible. Because I leave my everyday makeup bag at home, there are beauty products that I make sure I bring along with me every trip. Below is a list of 10 multi-tasking beauty products for traveling moms.

The beauty products on this list are great traveling moms, like me, struggling with the task of keeping their toiletry bags light, but powerful.

1. All-purpose Salve

All purpose beauty product and  skincare salve
CocoKind All Purpose Salve

My go-to travel skincare and beauty product is All-Purpose Salve by CoCoKind. I use this multi-purpose solution on dry areas after a day of extreme weather and swimming. It provides a long-lasting layer of moisture, and because it’s natural, its great for my toddlers sensitive skin.

2. Co-Wash

Solid beauty product that can be used as conditioning shampoo for natural hair and scalp
Avocado Co Wash by Lush

My family has quite a collection of wavy, kinky and curly, natural hair textures. Different hair textures and lengths mean different moisturizing needs. Maintaining healthy natural hair can get tricky while keeping to an “on-the-go” traveling schedule. Since we never skip the pool or the beach, it is crucial to me to have one beauty product we can all use. Avocado Co-Wash by Lush Cosmetics is that item. We love it because it’s in a solid form, so it travels well, plus it provides the perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating ingredients, without stripping away our natural oils. One bar, two functions, great for the whole family.

3. Pumice stone

Beauty product for rough feet and skincare
Natural Sierra Pumice Brush

My family trips typically include a lot of walking. Sightseeing and hiking can take a toll on the skin on my feet. I make sure to drop a pumice stone in my toiletry bag so that I can keep my feet soft after a long day of trekking. Also, did you know you can use your pumice stone is to remove hair when you’ve forgotten your razor.

4. Hydrating Facemasks

Long airplane travel can be uncomfortable and rough on my face. Hydrating facemasks are one of my favorite beauty products to travel with because it is a nourishing treat for your skin during or after prolonged exposure of a plane’s dry cabin air. Even though a hydration face mask is nothing more than a soft piece of cloth, it’s filled with hydrating ingredients, and after about 15 minutes, I feel like a new person. Individual packs make these perfect for anyone who has limited space in their carry-ons.

5. Tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream

Beauty product for face makeup, protection from sun and moisture
Smashbox Tinted BB Cream

Tinted Moisturizers are a long trusted makeup and beauty product due to their multi-tasking benefits. Because I am applying my moisturizer and foundation in one step, I do not leave home without this beauty product. Smashbox camera ready BB cream gives me a light and natural appearance and after a quick application of highlighter, my face is always ready for selfies and group photos.

6. CocoKind Highlighting Sticks

Natural highlighting makeup and beauty product
Cocokind Highlighting Sticks

The best thing about these highlighting sticks  is they instantly give me a dewy look without an incredibly shiny face. Easily-gliding and lightweight, these highlighter sticks can be used on eyelids, cheeks, and my brow as they give me a very natural and playful look while traveling.

7. Tinted lip balm

Much like the tinted moisturizer, I prefer light and natural looking face while on vacation. What I like most about Nardo’s Natural tinted lip balms is that they provide a great deal of moisturizing while leaving a rich color. In addition to them being organic, they are pretty cheap.

8. and 9. Antibacterial bar soap and Natural deodorant

I refuse to travel without antibacterial bar soap and natural deodorant! I sweat a lot when under stress. Airports with kids are extremely stressful for me and the moment I step foot inside a terminal, it’s like someone turns on the water hose. You can always find Dial bar soap and natural deodorant in my toiletry bag. The two products together don’t stop the buckets of sweat, but they sure do make me a more pleasant person to sit next to on a long flight. Pro-tip: Wrap a bar of dry Dial (or any scented bar soap) in a piece of newspaper and drop it in your luggage to freshen up any stale or funky smells.

10. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are an underrated travel and beauty product. They serve as a makeup remover, diaper changes, surface cleaner and more. You’re a mom, so that means you are very familiar with the power of a baby wipe! Leave your makeup remover at home and pack the baby wipes. Made Of Soothing Organic Baby Wipes are free of alcohol and chemicals making them great for sunburnt and sensitive skin.

What are some of the beauty products you pack for every vacation?

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