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This is a guest Blog from Tyllah-Chanel Hampton, the founder of Touched By Ty, and the co-founder of Green Book Today and SzTa Connection.

I’ve found that there is this preconceived notion that traveling has to be extremely expensive. And I find that while it will definitely cost money, there are so many trips that you can take for less than $1,000. So for this trip, our goal was to spend less than $700 and try as many new things as possible in Dallas, Texas.

Things in Texas have a way of being super close together, yet so far apart. I live in East Texas, and Dallas is relatively in North Texas about 2 hours from Tyler Texas with average traffic. While some things may be expensive in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, others are very affordable.

So, without any more rambling, here is:

How I took a Weekend Road Trip for less $700

  • Completed 4 hours of Price Comparisons on Air BnB and Hotel Websites 

I wanted to make sure I found the best price possible. I used Google to search through hotel prices and filters for the Airbnb search. I searched for several cities in the DFW area such as mesquite, Dallas, fort worth, Frisco, Plano, and DeSoto,  Ultimately, I settled for the “Tiny Blue House” rental in Dallas, which we LOVED. For three days it cost roughly $270 and it was worth every penny. 

The bed was extremely comfortable, the pillows were soft, and it was spotless. It was cute, cozy and warm. Considering I took this trip in January of this year, which was winter in Texas, it was freezing outside. However, the Tiny Blue house kept us warm. There was an assortment of teas and snacks to try. The owners also provided a binder that included the rules, the WIFI password, and a list of local places. 

The Tiny Blue House is in walking distance of a bar, multiple restaurants, and a family dollar for quick shopping. It’s about 10 minuets to the main highway, and 20 minuets from The Galleria Mall. If you’re considering visiting Dallas Texas and you want to try this place out, I highly suggest booking well in advance. The Tiny Blue house is usually booked every weekend, as it is such a wonderful place to stay.

  • Roadtrip in Full Effect

Well, I feel as if driving was a given since it’s a road trip. I have a Chrysler 200, so I can fill my gas tank up for about $25 in Texas. My car has great gas mileage on highways, so I was able to make a tank of gas last for 3 days.

I used my cash back feature for gas on my debit card and a friend of mine wanted me to take her somewhere and she ended up using her gas card to fill my gas tank up. So ultimately I went to and from Dallas, Texas and drive from Dallas to Terrell twice, plus Desoto, Grand Prarie, Arlington, and Fort Worth all for $50. 

My husband and I grabbing a snack before we get on the road
  • Dining and Drinking Out

I literally only went for drinks at restaraunts that had happy hour prices. We focused on restaraunts and food establishments that offered combination deals to save money. However, in addition to saving money, we still wanted to try places we’d never eaten at before. So while we were here, we tried 4 new restaruants and loved them all. We truly enjoyed dining at Los hermanos/La Pradera, Dave & BustersThe Italian Cafe, and Lisa’s Fine Food and Catering. In total we spent roughly $155 eating out and getting drinks at bars. We love trying new food, so it was definetly money well spent on new experiences. 

We spent an additional $30 buying beer and wine from a gas station, as well as an additional 40$ on small groceries to make breakfast and lunch at the AirBnB to save money. So overall we spent $225 on food and drinks for 3 ½ days. 


At this point we had $155 left to spend. So we went to walk around at the Galleria Mall for the first time.

If you’ve never been, it is huge! It’s a four story shopping metropolis and has every brand you can think of, and multiple food courts. The parking is in a parking garage, and they do offer valet parking. You will definetly need some walking shoes on, and be prepared to be surrounded by a ton of other shoppers, because it is always packed.

Ultimately we didn’t buy anything, as there were so many stores and so many shoppers, we decided to make a note of all the stores we liked, because we only visited 2 floors of the mall. We will be returning this summer to go shopping for the first time there.

Even though we found some free things to do, If you’re going to travel all this way, you definetly need to have some activities lined up. So we decided to go to Celebration StationDave and Buster’s, and The Hippie Smoke Shop

Celebration station was so much fun. Though it’s for families, we had a blast with a close friend of ours. We raced GoKarts, Played bumper boats in the pool, played lazer tag, and some arcase games. We spent $60 for all day wrist bands, and played for 4 hours. It will give you a workout, but you won’t notice from all of the fun you’re having. 

We (Tyllah & Larissa) were taking a break before racing on the GoKarts.

Dave and Buster’s is usually expensive in my opinion. However, we went on Sunday, which just so happened to be half-off night for this location. So we spent $30 to play games, and played just about every game in their arcade. We went late at night, so there were no children, long lines, or crowded areas. It was very relaxing, fun, and welcoming. We definetly plan on returning. 

Leaving Grand Prairie, Texas to go to Dave and Buster’s for the first time.

The Hippie Smoke shop’s employees were so nice, Unbelievably nice. They answered all of our questions, offered us some discounts, and worked with us on appliance education and care. The variety was vast, and everything was clean. I think my favorite part of visiting this location was the incents and the variety of smells.  We spent roughly $40 during this trip on small nic nacks and incents. I’ve burned them all now (the incents), but I can’t wait to go back and buy more. 

In total, we spent $675 for this trip, and we do not regret it one bit. We are actually planning a trip to Corpus Christi, Texas in July. I can’t wait to tell you guys about it. It’ll be our first time going to the beach.

If you’ve been to Dallas texas and tried some things we haven’t, we’d love to hear about it. Previously we’ve visited the aquarium, the zoo, the Cheesecake Factory, and six flags. Next time we go to Dallas we plan on going to iFLY (simulated Sky diving). If you’ve went, please tell me you didn’t throw up Lol.

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