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Being prepared for anything is an important key to no-stress family travel. Whether it’s a public bathroom or an airport security check, being able to grab all of the items I need at once saves the headache of digging around in my pack. Here are 5 other uses for your toiletry bag that don’t involve little bottles of shampoo or makeup.

The good thing about cosmetic bags is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I’ve found that these toiletry bags are the perfect size to make “grab and go bags” while traveling with kids, but any bag will do. I fill each one with whatever type of essentials we’ll need for any given trip. The point is to have all of our essentials together when we need them.

Spare lithium batteries holder

Spare lithium batteries can be stored in a toiletry bag
Store spare batteries

Recent travelers have grown familiar with the rules for mobile tech items. If you aren’t one of them, anything larger than a cell phone needs it’s own bin during the security check. Since spare Lithium batteries are not allowed to be stored in checked luggage, spare camera batteries and portable phone chargers have to be transported in your carry-on. Put them in a toiletry bag to keep them together making it easier to pull out if questioned by TSA during a bag screening. Speaking of tech items, check out our list of must have tech gadgets for travelers.


Toiletry bags make the perfect sized carrier for bite sized snacks. Granola bars, goldfish or fruits snacks all fit perfectly in a toiletry bag.

Potty Essentials

Any traveler will tell you that public toilets are not created equally. In fact, you can never be too sure what you’ll walk into when you’ve got to go. Place all of your toilet essentials in an easy to grab bag so that you can ensure you’ve at least got toilet paper, hand soap and a way to sanitize a toilet seat if you need to. If you’re traveling with toddlers who are still new to the potty game, it would be wise to add a spare pair of their undies just in case.

How to make a potty bag

Toddler Busy Bag

Keeping toddlers entertained while en route to your next destination is a challenge for any parent. If you’re always looking for ways to keep your children entertained and quiet while on the go, then you’ll find this next toiletry bag use valuable.   Fill busy bags with low-mess, engaging activities that kids can use independently. Toiletry bags are the perfect size for just the right amount of toys to keep little ones contained and busy during a long flight, layover or road trip.

First Aid Kit

Keep your bandaids, antibacterial cream and anti itch cream in one safe place.

Do you have any other uses for a toiletry bag? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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5 other toiletry bag uses for traveling families

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