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Moms have the hardest jobs in the world. They are our biggest cheerleaders and our voice of reason. Not only did they sacrifice their bodies to birth and feed us, but they’d also do it all again if they had to. If you’re reading this, that means your mom’s butt wiping days are over, and she’s probably got some new hobbies occupying all of her free time. Chances are, traveling is on that list, so why not make Mother’s Day an extra special one this year? For the gallivanter who loves you most, check out this list of the best gifts for moms who love to travel.

1. Collapsable brimmed hat

For the wanderluster who loves the outdoors as much as she still loves butterfly kisses, choose a hat that protects her from the sun, and that can easily pack away in her luggage.

2 & 3. Toiletry bag and items to fill it

From make-up to tiny shampoo bottles, everyone needs a place to keep their tiny essentials. Every jet setter appreciates a sturdy toiletry bag that can hold all of their travel sized products. Don’t forget to add a few multi-tasking beauty products for the mother on the go. Also, make sure you include this Patchology On The Fly Multi-tasking travel skincare kit

4. Travel pillow

Even if your mom isn’t a frequent flyer, a comfy travel pillow will make any airplane seat cozy. The J-Pillow offers head, chin & neck support in any sitting position.

Woman resting head on a blue travel pillow

5. Slip on travel shoes

Shoes for traveling
Slip on travel shoes

If your mom loves to travel and she has an artistic side, she’s love these UIN loafers. UIN handpainted shoes are lightweight and breathable, making them a practical and beautiful travel necessity.

6. Eco-friendly eating and drinking accessories

For the globetrotter who loves MotherEarth, these bamboo utensils are a must. Don’t forget to add a reusable water bottle to her gift bag.

7. Infinity Scarf

Scarfs come in handy when traveling, and I’m even willing to say that an infinity scarf is an essential travel accessory. A scarf can serve as a blanket, towel, and sun-shield. When touring conservative countries, a scarf can serve as a head cover or a way to cover exposed skin.

8. Carry on Luggage

Do your adventure-seeking mum a favor and surprise her with this sleek carry on suitcase. It’s scratch resistant, sits on 360-degree spinning wheels, and expands.

9. Packing Cubes

Suitcase full of colorful packing cubes
Packing cubes

10. Portable power pack

Don’t let your dear mom run out of juice while she’s on her awesome adventures. A portable battery charger will keep her devices charged and ready to go no matter where she is in the world.

Do you have any great gift ideas for the well traveled lady in your life?

Always be prepared for an adventure! Check out our Amazon suggestion list for all of our favorite family travel gear and supplies.

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