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Violet was just over a year old when my husband and I took our first romantic getaway. As our first child, and born prematurely, we spent our first two months of parenthood in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As a result, we were busy the following six months with specialists and follow-ups. Consequently, we were exhausted and stressed beyond belief by the time we were planning her first birthday. As our work schedules and obligations began to occupy our time, we found it impossible to steal a few moments to ourselves. One day I came across an article called Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway, and I knew that’s what we needed. Ultimately, the moment we got the chance to take a “romacation” (romantic-vacation), we jumped on it!

the perfect hotel for our romantic getaway

Full disclosure I am not a relationship expert. This article is just a suggestion to anyone who is feeling the weight of parenthood and married life. Adulting is hard, exhausting, and emotionally taxing. All in all, these three secrets to planning a romantic getaway have helped my husband and I grow close while navigating the obstacles life has thrown us.

Set a romcation goal

When on a romantic getaway, make sure to use the time wisely. Set a goal for the trip and center your trip around that goal. If improving communication is your goal, choose a destination that provides plenty of opportunities to talk in a relaxed setting. Say your goal is intimacy. Go to a destination that caters to couples and choose a room that will keep you in the mood. Maybe spontaneity is what your relationship has been missing? Opt for a location that offers several adventurous attractions and has a vibrant nightlife.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Stepping outside of my comfort zone, literally, on this romantic getaway

One of the benefits of traveling without kids is freedom. When vacationing with my kids, I plan all of our activities ahead of time. I feel better, knowing that we have a set agenda. Although I am a serial planner, one of our romcation goals is to be more spontaneous. I’ll admit, the on-the-go approach has frequently given me anxiety. However, I’ve always had incredible experiences as a result of it. Also, and most importantly, “Just going with it” has presented us valuable lessons in trusting and supporting one another.

Leave the drama at home

Drama doesn't belong in paradise.

My husband and I have a rule when we set out on a romantic getaway. Conversations about bills, in-laws, or that weird sound the washing machine makes, don’t happen. We recognize that all of our everyday woes will still be there when we get home, therefore, we don’t bring them with us. The purpose of our trip is to bond over things that bring us closer and not dwell on the things that stress us out.

Relax, Relate and Recharge

Relaxing while traveling without kids is the best.

My husband and I take a romantic getaway at least once a year. Sometimes we travel abroad, and sometimes we escape to a local city. We set our goals and make sure we have time to relax and bond. It has become a way for us to recharge in our role as parents and spouses. I hope these secrets help you as they continue to help us. If you need help additional help in planning a trip, click here for nine tips to help you prepare.

What is the most romantic getaway that you and your partner have ever taken? If you haven’t gone on one, where would you like to go?

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