Who we are:

You’re here, so that means you want to know who we are, right? Let me start by saying, “We are normal every day people.” My husband and I met, fell in love, started a family and are now parents of two toddlers, Violet and Iris. We have regular civil service jobs and every time we get an auto pay alert from our banking app telling us that our mortgage and student loan payments are due, we are reminded to pick up a lottery ticket on the way home. He hates traffic, I hate folding laundry and our kids hate bed time. Our fridge makes a weird noise and boxed Mac n’ cheese and dino-nuggets are a weekly staple here. Sound familiar?

We don’t travel full time like other family travel bloggers, but we do leave the country at least once a year and we travel locally all the time. We live in one of the most visited cities in the United States (San Francisco, California), so we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of cool places and things to explore.

My husband, Louie, and I grew up in completely different types of family. I grew up in a single parent home with very limited means and his parents have been married for over 3 decades. My family lived paycheck to paycheck and his parents have always been in the upper middle class. Needless to say,  my husband and my childhood experiences differed greatly. Louie talks a lot about the different places he traveled to as a kid and each trip impacted his life. I never left the state I lived in as a kid.

Once we got married and started our family we both agreed that we would work hard to ensure our children experienced the world around them. Our goals as parents are to teach our children eco-responsibility, empathy, and cultural appreciation. We want them to grow up knowing the world is bigger than any one of us and anything can be found as long as we search for it. Traveling is the method we have chosen to put those goals into action.

How we got started:

Our first international trip was to Thailand. When we decided to take our 3-year-old and 8-month-old baby on a 21 day trip throughout the country, we got a lot of comments from our friends and family from most people who questioned our sanity and reasonable logic [Insert side eye here], but Louie and  I had gone before, sans kids, and we were anxious to go again. Prices were good and we took advantage of promotional deals from airlines.

Some stuff went wrong, other stuff was incredibly easy, but most importantly we lived and we learned.

We work to travel! We save, budget and sacrifice so that we can embark on our own great adventures.

Why we blog:

We started this blog as a way to inspire other families to embark on their adventures. We want you to know that you don’t have to be rich or be apart of a  traditional family you just have to want to go and be resourceful. We’re regular people with regular lives just like you and we want to encourage you to explore.

IMG_7619We’re glad you’re here with us and we want you and your magnificent family to keep searching and discovering, together!

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